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A forest reserve with native woodlands and areas for managing natural renewal and reforestation under consolidated and approved coverage within the framework of Law 536/95. The production of seedlings of native and exotic species is conducted in our own nurseries. This forest is part of the Paraná ecological region that belongs to the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest, which has great biological value in its fauna. Within the forest are endangered bird species like the bare throated bellbird, the harpy eagle, and the vinacious-breasted amazon, which coexist sheltered and protected from poachers.

Among its diverse flora, we can highlight the immense variety of trees and orchids. Among the most important botanical species of our reserve are the: arborescent fern, yerba mate, pink trumpet tree, peroba, jucara, and other endangered species.

There are plantations with indigenous forest species for the protection of the water channels.


Arborescent fern
Alsophyla atrovirens
Yerba Mate
Ilex Paraguariensis
Pink trumpet tree
Tabebuia Heptaphylla
Aspidosperma polyneuron
Euterpe Edulis


Bare throated bellbird
Procnias nudicollis
Harpy eagle
Harpia harpyja
Vinaceous-breasted amazon
Amazona vinacea
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