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The FD Group consists of the Valle Verde S. A. and Rio Itambey S. A. companies; They produce, process, commercialize, and export Paraguayan products through its agricultural-livestock and industrial establishments.

The cardinal axes of the Group’s projects are environmental protection and sustainable production. There is a constant search for balance between agricultural activities and the conservation of protected wild areas which are supervised and monitored by the appropriate control agency (SEAM, the Environmental Secretariat, Law Number 354/94 and Law Number 536/95).

Its beginnings go back to 1983 with the acquisition of the first property directly from the Banco Aleman (the German Bank). In 1987, the surveying work advances and so does the beginning of the first projects. After many years of intense work, the group continues growing with the firm purpose of surpassing its own goals every day.


Truly healthy
organic production!


1. Shared value and
social responsibility.
2. Responsibility with
the environment.
3. Sustainable production in accordance with the environment.
4. Integrity and ethical
behavior within and
outside the company.
5. Excellence in services
6. Satisfaction of clients
and suppliers.


Add value to domestic
products offered within
the Paraguayan market
with export quality.


Agriculture and livestock company, producer of source materials.
Industrial plant, exporter, importer, consulting services provider.
  RUC: 80070297-2
Calle Uruguay Nº 56, Area 6, Hernandarias, PY - CP 7220
Contact: +595 631 22620 /
  RUC: 80025914-9
Calle Uruguay Nº 56, Area 6, Hernandarias, PY - CP 7220
Contact: +595 631 22620 /
Federico Livestock, one of the companies within the FD Group in Itabó, dedicates itself to breeding and rearing in semi-confinement, within the framework of a cross breeding program between European zebu-based breeds that confer greater quality and flavor to the beef, maintaining the health and hardiness of zebu breeds.

There is a breeding herd, the product of many years of selection, to obtain hardy, early maturing steer with a high yield of meat on the hook, and a more tender and flavorful beef. A large variety of pastures have been developed, along with a special pasturing program for the breeding of steer with high technology and heifers with high and early fertility.

Through a high rotation of these pastures, great efficiency is achieved in the production of beef (kilogram per hectare) per year.

The last step in the fattening and finishing of the livestock is performed in the feeding, with pastures, special forage, and supplementary feed.
Located in Mbaracajú, the Itabó agricultural establishment focuses on soy and corn production using high technology agriculture. The implementation of low level curves using the direct sowing system in all areas is a definite commitment of the group.

The grains are stored in their own silos with drying systems to maintain and improve the quality according to international standards. The quality of FD corn is recognized by the best poultry farmers in the country.

Forestry programs are developed with the National Forest Service where flora is enriched, both commercially and biologically, with a wide variety of species of great value, maintaining the biodiversity and wild fauna.
The Yerbales Federico Company, with certified organic production, is in Tractor – Cué, within the Nueva Esperanza District where inspection and control processes are consistent from seed selection, development in the nursery, transplanting, and the first harvest, starting in three years. Agricultural best practice guidelines and US (US National Organic Program NOP 7 Part 205); European Union (EEC 834/2007); and Japanese (JAS) organic production standards are faithfully met, with periodic audits by the German company BCS ÖKO Garantie.

Crop care is performed manually between plants and mechanically between rows with tools used exclusively for the organic area. The harvest is performed manually and constitutes a source of employment for approximately 200 families. Everyone who collaborates in the process is trained and supported continually by the Crop Chief. A control system has been implemented that includes traceability to ensure the quality of our green leaves, as well as an integrated pest control without using chemicals or fertilizers.

Aware of the need to conserve, renew, and adequately manage forest resources, the FD Group applies renewal and reforestation management plans under the native cover of natural forest throughout 568 hectares (Decree 1.176/98 of the National Forest Service).
Another company of the FD Group is Fruticola Estrella, located 72 kilometers north of Hernandarias, in the Mbaracuyú District, Alto Paraná, on the way to Puerto Indio. It produces:

- Citrus fruits:Pure citrus plantations with forest species in strips to protect the biodiversity and the environment. In Fruticola Estrella’s orchards, there are lemons, oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit of different varieties.

- Acerola (Malpighia emarginata):also called West Indian cherry, is a red acidic fruit that is characterized by having 50 to 100 times the vitamin C of oranges.

- Mango (Mangifera indica): a fleshy and sweet fruit. It is known for being a source in acids (malic, palmitic, p-coumaric, and myristic), vitamin C and, especially its high vitamin A content. The mango is a good antioxidant fruit, capable of neutralizing free radicals and providing the body with defenses against cellular degradation. Eating mangos is highly recommended.

- Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis): it has an intense aroma and acidic flavor. The fruit is yellow to red in color, a source of calcium, iron, and phosphorous, as well as vitamins A and C.
At Yerbatera Federico, the source material is the green leaf of yerba mate harvested at the time of maturity as an “adult leaf” that, once received at the factory, is summited to quality control to later be processed. The factory uses modern technology that includes a drying system, with hot air flow, produced by the indirect heat of a boiler. This way, a product that is free of smoke is obtained, with a smooth flavor and delicate aroma.

Thanks to the infrastructure of the mill, products with any granulometric specification can be supplied. Every process is governed by best practice guidelines for manufacturing and the organic production standards of the United States (NOP-USDA), the European Union (EEC 2092/91), and Japan (JAS) and certified by the German company BCS ÖKO Garantie. The team involved in production is updated annually with the guidelines to ensure quality.

FD yerba is consumed in the domestic market and exported to the United States, Australia, Germany, and Japan. Permanent innovation is sought, providing the best from Paraguayan soil, with a nutritious, healthy, and natural product.

The Estrella fruit processing plant is where the FD Group processes the export quality frozen fruit pulp for domestic or international industries where they shall be used for their final transformation. They are sold in industrial containers according to the buyers’ requirements.
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